Capella at University District is Brookfield Residential’s latest sophisticated urban community, located in the dynamic, ever-growing University of Calgary. Like the stars within a constellation, the brand reflects how this community creates multiple points of connection by Capella’s convenient location on campus. Surrounded by natural pathways, ponds and all the amenities a growing urban community requires – Capella truly is urban life reimagined.

Our program challenge was to educate and differentiate Capella within the competitive market with its two distinct product offerings, within two very defined buyer demographics. Capella’s success was built around a great developer offering told through a great visual story. This unique brand is not only visually engaging to our wide demographic group but presented through a robust marketing program and an impactful presentation centre that clearly educates its buyer. The result sets Capella apart from its competition.

Capella is the proud winner of the 2018 SAM award for best marketing program.


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Capella graphic design portfolio - The Idea Partner
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