Harbour Centre Summer Campaign

Harbour Centre, an iconic symbol of our city – where thereĀ is no better place to see, taste and feel so much of Vancouver so easily.

As part of the revitalization program of Harbour Centre and the Vancouver Lookout, we created a vibrant and graphically engaging Summer Campaign to re-ignite interest and remind the public that they are here and that they are All Vancouver. All One Stop.

Through a series of silhouette graphics, and subtle headline plays, we were able to call out a wide variety of retailers in the mall, reminding the public all that Harbour Centre has to offer. From window wrappings to large-scale headlines and graphics viewed at street level, to in-mall signage and on-screen digital messaging, this program is set to grab attention and bring people inside to see. eat. experience Harbour Centre.


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Harbour Centre graphic design portfolio - The Idea Partner

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